5 Steps to Toilet Training Success

Is your child ready to begin toilet training?

Wonderful! This is an exciting time for both yourself and your child! It's not as simple as sitting the child down on the toilet, however. If you've sourced this e-book, you're probably well aware that a well-thought toddler toilet training approach can make the entire process much less painful. Fortunately, you are in luck. Follow these five steps commonly used by early childhood experts, and you will see your child using the toilet on his or her own in no time!

1. Give Your Child a Role Model

Studies show young children learn best by example. Whether toilet training boys, or toilet training girls, watching parents using the bathroom can offer significant encouragement to the child.

2. Make the Toilet Child-Friendly

You wouldn't expect your child to learn to ride a bicycle without training wheels, would you? Similarly, you should approach toilet training understanding that using the bathroom may be intimidating for your child. With this in mind, purchasing a child-size toilet or toilet attachment can help your child feel much safer while using the bathroom.

3. Make Underwear Fun

Let your child know that toilet training comes with some privileges. Part of using the toilet like a big person is wearing underwear like a big person too. Take your child shopping and let him or her choose whatever underwear they'd like. (Favourite cartoon characters and fun designs are usually a great start).

4. Teach the Basic Procedure

Both boys and girls should begin their toilet training by sitting on the toilet. Make sure to emphasise to your child that both urine and stool belong in the toilet. While the process of using the toilet may take much longer than expected-- especially at first-- avoid the temptation of letting your child sit for too long. If your child stays on the toilet for more than 15 minutes, you might actually be taking a step backward in the toilet training process.

5. Celebrate your Child's Successes

No child is perfect. There will definitely be accidents. But before long, your child will successfully use the toilet. Reward your child with something that they associate with being grown up, such as a new pair of underwear. Be sure not to blow every trip to the toilet out of proportion. This will place unnecessary pressure on your child that could be an extra roadblock to successful toddler toilet training.

Tony Barton
Tony Barton